Piano Button About Us
This all started with one annoying person and a guitar... intent upon collecting the talents and time of other players and singers. Now we have a handful of talented regulars and variety of people who pass by and join us and others who join us as time and circumstance permit. You can catch Allan by email or you can just wander down to the park and hope we're there. It actually is a fairly safe bet if it's sunny and a Saturday.
Piano Button Our group is composed of amateur musicians... some of whom have been professional to some extent in the past or even the present. Mostly we are group of guitar players and singers. Every now and then we have other instruments join us. We have crazy great experiences ranging from a few passionate people on a dreary day (kind of cool in it's own way) to 30 or 50 people over the course of an afternoon when it's sunny and summer.
Piano Button We're a very accepting bunch. Photographers, makeup artists, computer geeks, actors, singers, and even the occasional belly dancer. All we ask is that the people who join us come willing to enjoy music, participate if they can, and not hit me with things. In fact, that's where the hospitality ends and I start thumping people. And yes, it has happened. The occasional New York City nut. What can you do?
Piano Button All in all, it's a great and ever-expanding group of people. It just gets better and better all the time. Come and join us if you can!