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Link Description
Allan's Homepage All kinds of crazy stuff. Family, travel, experiences, music... it's all there.
FilmDreams My impending film project. It is a long term hobby. It hasn't really begun in earnest yet... but it will. Kind of depends on my computing venture and its success.
Allan's Company Site Some great people and I have put together a technology company that focuses on Oracle, supply chain, and the internet. If you own a billion dollar company and just happen to cruise musical jam sites, then call us and we'll talk. No really. The sister site to ParkJammer... the name under which we operate when performing the occasional club gig. The On-Line Guitar Archive. A great chord and lyric site. Yet another good site. Offers dynamic transposition. Also another good site. Also offers dynamic transposition. A great place to figure out guitar chords. Yet one more lyric and chord resource. A good place to get music equipment on-line. They actually do take stuff back if you don't like it. I've known people to send something back several times until they get the piece they feel good about (kind of like trying stuff out in a store). Lots of guitar related content. Includes tuning applications, on-line sequencing and jamming software, etc. Go build your own track and play it back! Silly but kinda fun. Good beginner lessons! An all-around solid resource. Quality tabs... chords and lyrics.
Kim's Non-Practicing Lesbian site Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. Maybe not completely out, but out. This does not mean Kim is gay. It is a site born of frustration with men. As in... "not liking men right now but also not wanting to be a lesbian". Check it out.