The source documents were created with MS-Word 2002 for XP. Myriad settings in your environment (O/S, Word, printer drivers) can affect how you see these files. All songs have also been created as Adobe PDF files so that everyone can see and print them as intended.

We use lyric sheets in a "jam" environment which often occurs outdoors where we're subject to wind. Where possible songs are kept to one page so pages can be tacked down without the need to turn pages in the middle of a song. Roughly 70% of the lyrics are in 1-4-5 notation to allow easy on-the-fly transposition for singers who can't handle the original key. Finally, the key chosen for many songs is not the original key but one more suitable for an average voice in a jam environment. Original keys are generally noted clearly.

To save time, download the 0-ALL-FILES... files. WinRAR, WinZIP, StuffIT, and any capable decompression routine will handle these.
Processed Lyric Files, Set 01
(corrections, chords, etc)
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