Piano Button Schedule: 2000

The jams are almost always held on Saturdays just a few yards southwest of the toy sailboat pond (not the rowboat pond) at 72nd St. and 5th Ave. We sit on a little grassy knoll (no snipers mind you) with some chairs, guitars, and some "extras". Click here for a map. We usually start around 4:00pm although occasionally a couple of us will get there earlier. Note that occasionally we plan ahead for a couple of big jams. Also, if there is bad weather we usually go anyway! And if it is too bad, then we often come to my place... it's quite nice. One way or the other, we hope to see you there!

Next Day Date Note
  Saturday 2000-May-06 Our first park jam in 2000! It was phenomenal! Over 80 degrees, sunny, and everyone and their collective dogs were out in the park. What a kick. Pictures will be forthcoming shortly.
  Saturday 2000-May-13 Was definately a good jam! The weather cleared up and Pete, Rob, Jason, and myself made it out with guitars. Lots of people were camped out to listen. All good!
  Saturday 2000-May-20 Rainy weather... no jam today.
  Saturday 2000-May-27 As always, a great time! Starting at about 3:00pm, I sat and annoyed the locals. Later Rob, Pete, and Jim brought their guitars. Some members of the listening public showed up and it was a party! Afterwards, Jim and I played on 5th Ave for a while and then played with a band at Bishop's Bar. I went to bed at 8:00am the next morning. Argh! But a good argh!
  Saturday 2000-Jun-03 I shall cease to use "great time" as a descriptor for our jams. I'm sure you've seen that. So, it was a "crazy great time". We had a little girl named Taylor come and join us on percussion for much of the late afternoon: turns out she was better than many of the adults who have shown up! Jason, Rob, Pete, Jim, Al, and others. So, if you missed it... then you deserve to have none of the fun we had! We aren't going to share unless you stop by. See you there!
  Saturday 2000-Jun-10 It was a quiet day. Very hot, very sunny, but very mellow. Of course, the oodles of rum didn't do anything to prevent a case of the over-mellows. Jim, Camille, Jason, Tom and myself composed the core of a happy group of sun seekers.
  Sunday 2000-Jun-18 We played at Richter's Bar! All of us were late. Jim, Jason, and I each brought equipment and music. For the first time every, we turned up the volume! What a kick! We didn't really get going until about 5:00pm. Normally a quiet bar on Sunday's, there were only a handful of people there intially. That was just fine with us as we like to warm up a bit. That didn't last long... within an hour the place was hoppin' and we had a hearty and happy crowd singin' along with us. Looks like Richter's will be a regular place in the future, the next date being Sunday July 9th.
  Saturday 2000-Jun-24 No Jam today. Everyone ended up doing music or working hard during the week. A break from any obligation was due!
  Saturday 2000-Jul-01 Canada Day! A wonderfully mellow and sunny day in the park. Lots of people came out and we just chilled, played, and enjoyed.
  Saturday 2000-Jul-08 Didn't do a jam in the park on this Saturday.
  Sunday 2000-Jul-09 Richter's Afternoon Bar Jam! It was a kick-ass time involving people, music, a bar, and strangely... beer. If you missed it... then come to the next one!
  Saturday 2000-Jul-15 Ok, so it rained. No jam in the park today. But Jason and I managed to get together to work on some new tunes. All in all a great day anyway!
  Saturday 2000-Jul-22 Bishop's Bar Jam! 'Twas a full scale powered jam! Rob, Jason, Jim, Mike, Eric Warren came down to play. Eric is a really great guitar player and came down to share some tunes with us. Wayne came down to add some high end vocals also. Lots of space, good food, and some appreciative applause. All in all, a good time was had by all!
  Saturday 2000-Jul-29 Cloudy unpredictable weekend. We ended up playing at my place. Which also turned out great. Wine, cheese, crackers, a lot of music and a great view! It was all very mellow and smooth. Took the time to learn a couple of new tunes as a group. Jason, Mel, Rob, Pete, Dan, and Cheryl made it out.
  Sunday 2000-Aug-06 A Richter's Bar jam. Jason, Rob, and I banged away at tunes from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. It was a bit quiet but it was fun.
  Saturday 2000-Aug-12 Hmmm... Hard to say. Some of the guys may go down and play. I'm likely to be in Montreal.
  Saturday 2000-Aug-19 Park Jam! Ok, it was a quiet day with just myself bangin' away at the guitar for a bit. Everyone was away and the park itself was very quiet. And yet... it was fun.
  Saturday 2000-Aug-26 This was a kick ass park jam! Go figure. You can never predict when the stars will align such as they did. Lots of people, including Jim, Camille, Pete, David Chester, another Dave, Greg, Billy, and Todd all came out to play. Lots of people were kickin' back and enjoying the circumstance. All in all... an excellent day!
  Saturday 2000-Sep-02 Wow! And double Wow! Did it! Produced an album in Nashville for Southern Heart. You can check out the details at But the long and short of it was that we managed to cut six serious tunes and a rough demo tune in two days (instrumentals and vocals), do a set of mixdowns on the third day, and mastering the day after. It'll be out soon. What a flippin' kick!
  Saturday 2000-Sep-09 Nothin' goin' on this weekend. Everyone's out or exhausted. OK, I'm exhausted.
  Saturday 2000-Sep-16 Park jam! Micro-jam in the park. Last of the summer!
  Saturday 2000-Sep-30 Apartment jam! Kick ass jam at my place on 96th St. Garner Meszaros, Eric Warren, Jim Mackiewicz, Ray & Maggie, myself, and a few others were present.