Piano Button Schedule: 2001

The jams are almost always held on Saturdays just a few yards southwest of the toy sailboat pond (not the rowboat pond) at 72nd St. and 5th Ave. We sit on a little grassy knoll (no snipers mind you) with some chairs, guitars, and some "extras". Click here for a map. We usually start around 4:00pm although occasionally a couple of us will get there earlier. Note that occasionally we plan ahead for a couple of big jams. Also, if there is bad weather we usually go anyway! And if it is too bad, then we often come to my place... it's quite nice. One way or the other, we hope to see you there!

Next Day Date Note
  Thursday 2001-Feb-15 Richter's Bar Jim and Al did a warm-up gig at Richter's. We used new P.A. equipment at Richter's... wasn't that pleased with it. Still, it was fun and it gave us the chance to knock the rust off our fingers. We'll do it again and adjust both our set list and equipment to have a better result.
  Sunday 2001-Mar-04
Richter's Bar A much better gig. Kept it to upbeat tunes, used our own equipment, and had Henry come down to play some harp along with us. A good time!
  Saturday 2001-Apr-28 Wow! What started as our first jam of the season, a somewhat impromptu event, became a sunny day with Jim, Jason, and Rob bringing their instruments down and many people joining us to listen, sing, and otherwise participate. Warm, appreciative crowds to go with a warm sunny day!
  Saturday 2001-May-05 Twas a good jam. Jason, Pete, Henry, and Gib came to play. We were sprinkled on a bit but then it managed to burst into a sunny day! People around to listen... it was all good!
  Sunday 2001-May-13 It 'twas a loverly Mother's Day in the park. Jim, myself, my parents, and some friends came down for a sunny day singing.
  Saturday 2001-May-19 Cancelled!
  Saturday 2001-May-26 Skipped. Out of town.
  Saturday 2001-Jun-02 Skipped Out of town.
  Saturday 2001-Jun-09 Just didn't happen. People out of town, and me with a sore throat and too much work to do. Don't you just hate it with work intrudes on life?
  Sunday 2001-Jun-17 It was a rainy day on Saturday so we bumped the jam to Sunday and had it indoors at my place on the Upper East Side. Salmon, Ribs, wine, guitars, and lots of music! Jim, Jason, Henry, Dan & Chantelle, and Ray managed to make it out.
  Saturday 2001-Jun-23 Nothing goin' on. To much else to do.
  Saturday 2001-Jun-30 Nothing goin' on... hanging out in the city on a crazy sunny day and pretending to be a normal not-to-busy person for a day.
  Wednesday 2001-Jul-04 Surprise! Despite rain earlier in the day, the afternoon cleared up and a handful of us went down to the park to play a little. Jim, Al, and Henry made it. And then happily, Terry brought a flute and Alex (from Greece) sat in to play some really great guitar. We had 20 or so people hangin' about just enjoying the sun and singing along. All in all, it was a great way to spend the day!
  Saturday 2001-Jul-07 Skipped it. People were away, and I wanted a day just to rollerblade. Still managed to get a little playing in... just did it on the big rock near the south end of the park overlooking the ice skating rink.
  Saturday 2001-Jul-14 Kick Ass Day! Every now and then a day turns out to be special! This was one of those days. Sunny and warm, this day was meant for music. Jim, Camille, Jason, George, Dennis, Marty, Octavio, Henry, Kathy, Vlad, Melanie, and others made it out to play, sing, and listen. Particular points of note were Octavio on flute and Dennis on harmonica. The flute wafting over the park via the speakers, accompanied by Jim's guitar... KICK ASS! Thanks to everyone who played and to the many crowd members who stopped by for making this a memorable NYC Day to Play!
  Saturday 2001-Jul-21 Wow! Jim, Henry, and Al went to see Susan Tedeschi play blues at the Summer Stage. It was a kick. Afterwards we hung out in the park and played some tunes. Later myself, Patrician, and Gil (who's better 2/3 is my cousin) went to O'Flaherty's to do some music. Ain't NYC a great place?
  Saturday 2001-Jul-28 Nothing goin' on in NYC... Al is out for a big jam in Toronto, Jim is out for something called a "vacation", and everyone else is just out to lunch!
  Saturday 2001-Aug-04 OK, so I went alone and got rained out. No worries... Jason and Rob were at the Ricky Skaggs performance at the Summer Stage so I went over to get out of the rain. Turned out to be a kick. Then we played a little in the park afterwards anyway.
  Saturday 2001-Aug-11 Well... we were rained out. So Jim and I worked on some tunes for an upcoming bar gig. Music... always good.
  Saturday 2001-Aug-18 Looks like it's going to rain... no jam today! No peanut butter either.
  Saturday 2001-Aug-25 Oooooooo yeah! Excellent day! Sunny, warm, and full of music! People stopped by, Jim, Henry, Kathy, Camille, Tabatha, Allan, Todd, Marty, and a few others joined to play and sing. Life is good.
  Saturday 2001-Sep-01 It's the long weekend... and we're not playing. Everyone is doing their own thing and enjoying the last big weekend of summer. But catch us next weekend! Indoor or outdoor, we'll be playing somewhere!
  Saturday 2001-Sep-08 Wow! It was a great day in the park! Sunny, full of people, and my silly amp managed to hold up for one last summer jam. Henry, Kathy, Camille, Jim, Jenny, Todd, Tom (new drummer and guitar player), Mya, Robin, and a number of others came down to enjoy the day. Life is good.
  Saturday 2001-Sep-15 Kick ass day. In the face of the trade center tragedy in NYC, we went to sing soulful songs in the park. Jim, Camille, Rob, Holly, Ray, Maggie, Dan, Mya, Robin, friends from Poland, Scott (new guitar player), Mike and Lydia, Octavio... and a lot of listeners... they all came out to share the day and the evening. Music heals.
  Saturday 2001-Sep-22 No jam today. Takin' a break after last week's amazing jam.
  Saturday 2001-Sep-29 BBQ Jam! Another good day! Mel's first karate studio outdoor indoor BBQ jame thingy! Henry, Kathy, myself, Jason, Peter, Mya, Robin, Mel, Martin, and a bunch of karate studio people made it!
  Saturday 2001-Oct-06 A day off! No jam today!
  Saturday 2001-Oct-13 Salmon Jam! Wow!!! That was a great time! Jim, Camille, Henry, Kathy, Jason, Pete, Rob, Octavio, Melissa, Mya, Emery, Laura, Spencer, Jenny, Glen, Sue, and others made it out for a day of great salmon and better music! Thanks to everyone who came, who played, who sang, who listened, and who just simply had a good time!
  Saturday 2001-Nov-03 Henry and I managed to head out for a few hours amidst the falling leaves. With guitars and harmonica in two, we sat on the bench by one of the statues and played until it got too cold. It was quiet, subdued... but a nice way to say good-bye to the season!
  Saturday 2001-Dec-01 Holy Smoking Sunshine Batman! A few of us went skating for a surprise birthday party. It was just short of 70 degrees out! Crazy but great! And then Jim and Camille and I popped over to Strawberry fields to observe the gatherings for George Harrison. We stopped, played a couple of Beatles tunes in respect, and faded out into the glorious day.