Piano Button Training
I've written a book called Quick Music that shows one how to understand and play accompaniment very quickly. Nothing in it is new... except the way it's put together. The net result is the ability to take a normal person and have them playing useful and fun stuff in about four hours. At least, that's the speed on a keyboard. On a guitar it takes about six hours spread over two days. But it does work.

Unfortunately I can't put the multimedia elements up yet. A new version of the book and a new set of multimedia training elements to accompany it will be done at some point (subject to work and life requirements).

For now, a raw scan of the original book (from 10 years ago) have been posted as JPG images. Not terribly efficient, but easy for me.
Piano Button I've also gathered digital tools (like chord calculators) and other instructional aids to help people learn. Look here for the addition of some of those articles and tools.

Training Links
Link Description
NEW Quick Music This is the skeleton of the new Quick Music program. It won't be finished until the end of the summer but you are welcome to see where I'm heading with it if you are so inclined.
OLD Quick Music This is a quick scan of the old Quick Music book. Actually, it's a scan of a printout and isn't quite as nice as the actual printed book. However, the original book was printed on colored paper and that made it problematic to scan clearly. I hope it helps someone out there, even in this raw form.
Guitar Chord Generator

JRE 1.4 Download Page
This link will take you to a site where you can download a Guitar Chord Generator built in java. You will also need to download the newest JRE from Sun (Java Runtime Environment 1.3). But it is worth the effort.