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Jammin' in Central Park and other places. We've been at this for a long while now. Life, she's a changin'. So while we don't do it as often, we still have a kick when we do!. Through sunshine, mist, green lawns, falling leaves, and uncountable tunes, we have prevailed. Many of the members of ParkJammer have started new ventures, new jobs, and even managed to learn a new song or two during our tenure in Central Park. Falling buildings and the changing skyline have only deepened our love of New York City. So come and join us... share our city and our music.

Date Note
2008-04-30 Jam in June 2008 !!!

It's been a long while, but we're planning a park jam on what is traditionally a sunny day... the last weekend in June!

We'll be by the sailboat pond in good weather or in a venue somewhere in the city otherwise... but there will be music! Hope to see you there!
2007-02-21 Just stopping by the site to post a couple of pictures of Mike Butler doing a gig in NYC (from 2006) and do a couple of general updates.

Things have changed much from the days of jammin' every other Saturday in the park. Now it's more like "whenever I can get to NYC".

This year I do expect to make it to NYC for a sunny summer afternoon jam or two... but it'll be sporadic. Maybe we'll see you there!
2006-11-03 Managed to get together for a tiny living room jam! Have been out of the musical loop for a bit... thanks Jim & Camille for hosting munchies and music!
2006-09-07 Some recent pictures from when Mike Butler popped into Austin to do a little music.
2006-07-11 Added some pictures of a recent jaunt to NYC. Joe Vega, an accomplished musician from Austin, came along for a first introduction to Manhattan. Jim, Joe, and I threw out some tunes at Colin's backyard near-4th-of-July party. Then we played again at Jim & Camille's home and later Joe and I closed The Back Fence down in the village. All good fun.
2006-06-15 Posted some pictures from impromptu music events in NYC a couple of weeks ago (in late May).
2006-03-24 Posted some pictures from the event in Austin.

Jim Mackiewicz, Tom Lewis, Mitch Lynas, Mike Butler, myself and some locals popped into to help drive a fun three-day just-for-kicks event in Austin. Take a look at the site for more pictures and eventually some movie clips.
2006-02-17 We're having a substantial jam in Austin at The Blind Pig every night of March 10, 11, and 12. We have an entire stage, beer garden area, and are surrounded by the upper and lower decks of a popular pub. Pop in if you can!
2005-12-28 Updated all the lyrics. There have been a number of corrections throughout. Each was re-saved as a Word document and as an Adobe PDF document.

Each set has been "gzipped" so you can download the entire thing in one shot. Any standard un-zip package will handle this format.
2005-12-18 By and large this was a crappy year through and through for some of us. Still, in amidst the crap there were a couple of bright shiny spots.

These bright shiny spots are always pretty much based on music somehow.

Take a look at a couple of new pictures from our recent (and very fun) impromptu session at Jim and Camille's home in Manhattan. Beyond being small, intimate, and very balanced, it was made all the more fun when Corinne Gooden joined us. Always a pleasure, Corinne can sing anything in any key... and has some EXCELLENT originals to share as well!

Thanks for the music everyone!
2005-11-05 Finally... added some pictures from the summer's events. More to come, but this is at least a start.
2005-09-24 In preparation for learning a bunch of new songs, I needed to clean up the existing lyric set list.

The old versions are still posted for a time... but the Set #1 list has been substantially updated, and both the Set #01 and Set #02 have a different mix of tunes. Same tunes as before... different arrangement.

Take a look at the "Tunes to learn" list in the Set #01 area if you feel you can contribute a song in the ParkJammer format.

2005-07-23 Jammin' in Central Park!!!

We played (as always) near the toy sailboat pond near 72nd & 5th. From 3:00pm until about 10pm we mixed and matched tunes with a number of people who showed up to sing and play along. Thanks to all who came... details and pictures to be posted soon!
2005-07-16 Havin' a jam at the Parrot Bay bar on the upper east side (93rd and 3rd). Later, headin' over to the home of the one of the jammers for late night, low-key harmonizin'. See you there!
2005-02-25 Added a bunch of new tunes to the "All Files" gzip file.
2005-02-02 A ground-hog-day post! There's not much to show of late. My digital camera was killed in Austin by a renegade bottle of Mountain Dew. My regular camera took many pictures on several rolls... and then all were destroyed by a bad developing lab. However, there's been music in Austin, Manhattan, Calgary, and New Orleans of late. You can guarantee we'll have a couple of jams in 2005 in NYC... ping me if you're interested!
2004-10-22 Just poppin' in to do a couple of updates to the lyrics. Busy being busy down in Austin. Managing a little music here and there. Looking forward to another jam in NYC sometime soon!
2004-07-28 Updated all the lyrics (in WORD and PDF form). Added the "table of contents" pages for each "set" so they can be printed up in a jam book if desired.
2004-07-10 Posted all the lyrics in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (PDF) format just so they look the same no matter how you print them. Small variations in different versions of Microsoft Word manage to misalign many of the chords, a situation avoided via PDF files.
2004-07-02 Updated the lyric area. The lyrics are now grouped in two "sets" equivalent to the two binders we tend to jams. New additions are only made to set #2.
2004-06-11 I be a Texan!

Well, sort of. I'm now in Austin... all situated, organized, and ready to get back to work. Give me a few weeks and we'll have jams goin' on here too.
2004-05-21 Loaded some pictures...
2004-05-19 Our Exit Jam went really well. It was a new space and a new arrangement, but it was a lot of fun. It may be a long while before another jam happens... but you never know when next I'll be flyin' through NYC and will stop to host a jam in Central Park. Stay tuned... there'll be more tunes, more pictures, and more random jams!
2004-05-09 Al's Exit Jam is coming up! Leaving NYC for the next year. So check out the schedule and come join us in the basement lounge of The Village Lantern at 167 Bleeker. We'll be there from roughly 2:00pm until about 9:00pm. Could be later depending on how things go. Time will tell!
2004-05-06 You just gotta love New York. Walkin' down the street I ran into a musical compatriot... and wound up participating in and eventually adding a full ParkJammer equipment set to a jam on Restaurant Row. Did I mention the "loving New York" part of this?
2004-04-23 Updated the schedule. Targeting a micro-test-startup-first-jam-of-the-summer on Saturday Apr 23.
2004-04-11 Updated the "processed lyrics" section with a substantial number of corrections and new songs.
2004-03-23 Posted some pictures from a recent grand opening at the LoFish recording studio. Also posted some pictures of an impromptu combined musical birthday bash for Jim and myself (birthdays a couple of days apart). Eric Warren and Mike Butler along with family popped in to play tunes into the wee hours.
2004-03-16 Just finished a crazy great 4 day tour with Anthony Gomes and his band... and 80 of his closest friends! What a kick!
2004-02-03 I'm right on it. Really. Hey... it only took me four years to compile a video from snippets taken whilst doing some recording in Nashville with a group of friends. While it happened in 2000, it's now posted in the pictures section in February of 2004. Yup... right on it.
2003-12-14 Posted a few new pictures... or rather, pictures taken this year that only recently were scanned in.