Piano Button Documentation
Outside of instructional materials and miscellaneous material, I have documentation of various types that is likely to be downloaded by interested viewers. It will be posted as I have time. Keep watch. Or don't. I can't govern your time for you... hell, I can hardly govern my own!

Link Date Description
Download 2007-12-10 Rules_Of_The_Jam_-_detailed.pdf
Download 2007-12-10 Rules_Of_The_Jam_-_concise.pdf
Download 2005-04-09 Jam_In_A_Box_-_Airline_capable_travel_music_gear.pdf
Download 2004-05-01 Some_basic_scale_knowledge.htm
Download 2004-05-01 Guitar_Chord_Dictionary.doc
Download 2004-05-01 Guitar_Chord_Chart.pdf