The source documents were created with MS-Word 2002 for XP. Myriad settings in your environment (O/S, Word, printer drivers) can affect how you see these files. All songs have also been created as Adobe PDF files so that everyone can see and print them as intended.

We use lyric sheets in a "jam" environment which often occurs outdoors where we're subject to wind. Where possible songs are kept to one page so pages can be tacked down without the need to turn pages in the middle of a song. Roughly 70% of the lyrics are in 1-4-5 notation to allow easy on-the-fly transposition for singers who can't handle the original key. Finally, the key chosen for many songs is not the original key but one more suitable for an average voice in a jam environment. Original keys are generally noted clearly.

To save time, download the 0-ALL-FILES... files. WinRAR, WinZIP, StuffIT, and any capable decompression routine will handle these.
Processed Lyric Files, Set 01
(corrections, chords, etc)
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Download 1-KeyAndChordTemplate Document  
Download 1-KeyAndChordTemplate Document.pdf  
Download AGroovyKindOfLove PhilCollins  
Download AGroovyKindOfLove PhilCollins.pdf  
Download AintMisbehavin FatsWaller
Download AintMisbehavin FatsWaller C.pdf 
Download AllNightLong DelbertMcClinton  
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Download AllOfMe various  
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Download AllRightNow Free  
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Download AlwaysOnMyMind ThePetShopBoys  
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Download Amazing Lonestar jam 
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Download AmericanPie DonMcClean  
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Download AngelEyes NewGrassRevival jam 2
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Download AnotherSaturdayNight SamCooke  
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Download AtLast EttaJames  
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Download AtTheHop DannyAndTheJuniors  
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Download AtThisMoment BillyVera D 145
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Download BackInBabysArms PatsyCline  
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Download BasketCase GreenDay  
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Download BehindClosedDoors various  
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Download Blackbird TheBeatles
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Download Blackbird TheBeatles
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Download BlameItOneTheBossaNova EdieGorme  
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Download Bop DanSeals  
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Download Breakdown TomPetty  
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Download BrianWilson BarenakedLadies  
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Download CaliforniaDreaming MamasAndPapas Am 
Download CaliforniaDreaming MamasAndPapas Am.pdf 
Download ChildIDidntKnow AllanBarnard  
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Download ClosingTime Semisonic jam 
Download ClosingTime Semisonic jam.pdf 
Download CrazyLittleThingCalledLove Queen
Download CrazyLittleThingCalledLove Queen D.pdf 
Download Cryin RoyOrbison  
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Download DarkHollow TheGratefulDead  
Download DarkHollow TheGratefulDead.pdf  
Download DirtyOldTown ThePogues D 145
Download DirtyOldTown ThePogues D 145.pdf
Download DoRightWoman ArethaFranklin D 145
Download DoRightWoman ArethaFranklin D 145.pdf
Download DreamALittleDream TheMamasAndThePapas FandD 
Download DreamALittleDream TheMamasAndThePapas FandD.pdf 
Download DreamComeTrue FrozenGhost
Download DreamComeTrue FrozenGhost C.pdf 
Download DustInTheWind Kansas  
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Download ElPaso MartyRobbins 145 
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Download ElPaso MartyRobbins
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Download Faith GeorgeMichael  
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Download FollowMe JohnDenver  
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Download GimmeJustOneReason TracyChapman  
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Download Girl Beatles  
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Download GoodnightIrene traditional  
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Download HelloGoodbye TheBeatles  
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Download HungryHeart BruceSpringsteen  
Download HungryHeart BruceSpringsteen.pdf  
Download ICouldntLeaveYouIfITried RodneyCrowell  
Download ICouldntLeaveYouIfITried RodneyCrowell.pdf  
Download IFeelLikeBuddyHolly AlvinStardust  
Download IFeelLikeBuddyHolly AlvinStardust.pdf  
Download IfILovedYou RogersAndHammerstein  
Download IfILovedYou RogersAndHammerstein.pdf  
Download If Bread  
Download If Bread.pdf  
Download IHeardItThroughTheGrapevine CCR jam 
Download IHeardItThroughTheGrapevine CCR jam.pdf 
Download ILoveYouPeriod DanBaird  
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Download ImIntoSomethingGood HermansHermits  
Download ImIntoSomethingGood HermansHermits.pdf  
Download IsleOfCapri GuyLombardo  
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Download ITry MacyGray  
Download ITry MacyGray.pdf  
Download ItsAlright CurtisMayfield  
Download ItsAlright CurtisMayfield.pdf  
Download ItsHardToBeHumble MacDavis  
Download ItsHardToBeHumble MacDavis.pdf  
Download ItsOnlyAPaperMoon EllaFitzgerald  
Download ItsOnlyAPaperMoon EllaFitzgerald.pdf  
Download JohnnyBGoode ChuckBerry  
Download JohnnyBGoode ChuckBerry.pdf  
Download JoyToTheWorld ThreeDogNight  
Download JoyToTheWorld ThreeDogNight.pdf  
Download Jumper ThirdEyeBlind  
Download Jumper ThirdEyeBlind.pdf  
Download KissTheGirl TheLittlestMermaid  
Download KissTheGirl TheLittlestMermaid.pdf  
Download Laid James  
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Download LastDate FloydCramer  
Download LastDate FloydCramer.pdf  
Download LayDownSally EricClapton  
Download LayDownSally EricClapton.pdf  
Download Layla EricClapton  
Download Layla EricClapton.pdf  
Download LeavingOnAJetPlane JohnDenver jam1 
Download LeavingOnAJetPlane JohnDenver jam1.pdf 
Download LetItBeMe EverlyBrothers D 145
Download LetItBeMe EverlyBrothers D 145.pdf
Download LetItBeMe JillCorey D 145
Download LetItBeMe JillCorey D 145.pdf
Download Lights Journey  
Download Lights Journey.pdf  
Download LoveIsAllAround WetWetWet  
Download LoveIsAllAround WetWetWet.pdf  
Download LoveIsLikeALuckyPenny traditional  
Download LoveIsLikeALuckyPenny traditional.pdf  
Download Naturally HueyLewis
Download Naturally HueyLewis D.pdf 
Download NoOneNeedsToKnow ShaniaTwain  
Download NoOneNeedsToKnow ShaniaTwain.pdf  
Download NowIKnow AllanBarnard  
Download NowIKnow AllanBarnard.pdf  
Download Operator ManhattanTransfer  
Download Operator ManhattanTransfer.pdf  
Download Please TheNylons
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Download RainingInMyHeart BuddyHolly  
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Download RedIsTheRose TheChieftains  
Download RedIsTheRose TheChieftains.pdf  
Download ReturnToPoohCorner KennyLoggins  
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Download RhythmOfTheRain TheCascades D 145
Download RhythmOfTheRain TheCascades D 145.pdf
Download RockyTop unknown  
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Download RubberDucky SesameStreet  
Download RubberDucky SesameStreet.pdf  
Download RunawayTrain SoulAsylum  
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Download SemiCharmedKindOfLife ThirdEyeBlind  
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Download SentimentalOlYou CharlyMcClain  
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Download SevenBridgesRoad Eagles  
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Download SonOfAPreacherman DustySpringfield  
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Download SpongeBobSquarepants TVTheme  
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Download StraightenUpAndFlyRight NatKingCole  
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Download StrandedInLove JohnnerBrothers  
Download StrandedInLove JohnnerBrothers.pdf  
Download StuckOnYou LionelRitchie  
Download StuckOnYou LionelRitchie.pdf  
Download Surely ColinJames jam 
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Download TakeItEasy Eagles  
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Download TeachYourChildrenWell CSNY  
Download TeachYourChildrenWell CSNY.pdf  
Download Tempted Squeeze  
Download Tempted Squeeze.pdf  
Download ThatllBeTheDay BuddyHolly  
Download ThatllBeTheDay BuddyHolly.pdf  
Download TheBestOfMyLove TheEagles  
Download TheBestOfMyLove TheEagles.pdf  
Download TheFarmerSong traditional  
Download TheFarmerSong traditional.pdf  
Download TheLionSleepsTonight various  
Download TheLionSleepsTonight various.pdf  
Download ThePussycatSong ConnieVannet  
Download ThePussycatSong ConnieVannet.pdf  
Download TheseArmsOfMine OtisRedding  
Download TheseArmsOfMine OtisRedding.pdf  
Download TheWanderer Dion 145 
Download TheWanderer Dion 145.pdf 
Download TilThereWasYou TheBeatles D jam
Download TilThereWasYou TheBeatles D jam.pdf
Download TimeAfterTime CyndiLauper  
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Download TimeInABottle JimCroce  
Download TimeInABottle JimCroce.pdf  
Download TimeOfYourLife GreenDay  
Download TimeOfYourLife GreenDay.pdf  
Download TrueNewfoundlanders GreatBigSea  
Download TrueNewfoundlanders GreatBigSea.pdf  
Download UpOnTheRoof TheNylons  
Download UpOnTheRoof TheNylons.pdf  
Download Vincent DonMclean  
Download Vincent DonMclean.pdf  
Download WalkingMyBabyBackHome NatKingCole  
Download WalkingMyBabyBackHome NatKingCole.pdf  
Download WasntThatAParty TheIrishRovers  
Download WasntThatAParty TheIrishRovers.pdf  
Download WatchinTheRain DelbertMcClinton  
Download WatchinTheRain DelbertMcClinton.pdf  
Download WeveGotTonight BobSeger E 145
Download WeveGotTonight BobSeger E 145.pdf
Download WhatveIBeenDrinkin PowderBlues  
Download WhatveIBeenDrinkin PowderBlues.pdf  
Download WhenIFallInLove unknown  
Download WhenIFallInLove unknown.pdf  
Download WhenImWithYou Sheriff  
Download WhenImWithYou Sheriff.pdf  
Download WhenINeedYou LeoSayer  
Download WhenINeedYou LeoSayer.pdf  
Download WhenTheSaintsGoMarchingIn Traditional  
Download WhenTheSaintsGoMarchingIn Traditional.pdf  
Download WhiskeyInAJar JerryGarcia  
Download WhiskeyInAJar JerryGarcia.pdf  
Download WildHorses TheRollingStones  
Download WildHorses TheRollingStones.pdf  
Download WildNight VanMorrison
Download WildNight VanMorrison C.pdf 
Download WishThatIKnewWhatIKnowKnow RonnieLane  
Download WishThatIKnewWhatIKnowKnow RonnieLane.pdf  
Download YouAreTheWoman Firefall  
Download YouAreTheWoman Firefall.pdf  
Download YouveGotAFriend JamesTaylor  
Download YouveGotAFriend JamesTaylor.pdf  
Download YouveGotToHideYourLoveAway TheBeatles  
Download YouveGotToHideYourLoveAway TheBeatles.pdf  
Download YouWontDanceWithMe AprilWine  
Download YouWontDanceWithMe AprilWine.pdf