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At the bottom of the page are some simple recordings of "jam style" playin'. Loose and just havin' fun. Check it out if you have a minute!

Here you will be able to find many lyric sheets with chords. It's an odd collection including individual preferences, requested tunes, and interesting oddities. Of course we do a lot of other music... these are just what we've managed to format nicely.

The processed area contains tunes in a consistent format with correct lyrics. Most also have chords in a specific key, multiple keys, or in numeric notation (1, 2m, 3m, 4, 5, 6m). The unprocessed area contains tunes in unpredictable formats that have not yet been reviewed. Use at your own peril.

Processed - Set 01 This is MOST CURRENT SET #1 of our "jam" documents. This set is geared towards things we play more often and are typically more well-known or have a higher energy suited to bar gigs. Or... we just like them and play them more often.
Processed - Set 02 This is MOST CURRENT SET #2 of our "jam" documents. This set tends to be composed of tunes that we don't play as often or are less suitable to a bar gig. We'll do them in more quiet environments when harmonies and style are more important. Or they're just leftovers and we put them here.
Processed - Set 03 This is MOST CURRENT SET #3 of our "jam" documents. This set is the very newest additions to the mix, generally things I've heard other jammers play and liked enough to want to learn myself.
Unprocessed These are tunes on the "learn list" that have not yet been prepared to our jam standard. Eventually I'll get to many or even most of these, which requires listening to the original, transcribing them from scratch, and then adding them to one of our jam sets. Until then, take 'em as they are.

The following are a few links where you can find many other chord and lyric pages.
Link Description The On-Line Guitar Archive. A great chord and lyric site. Yet another good site. Offers dynamic transposition. A great place to figure out guitar chords. Yet one more lyric and chord resource.

Here are a few examples of the kind of stuff we like to do in the park. This is just two guitars, two voices, and the same type of "make it up as you go" kind of jammin' stuff we do in the park. Simple but fun.

MP3 File Size Note
ParkJammer Warmup 0.3 MB How we warm up for the park jams!
Fox On the Run 2.9 MB Hillbilly harmonies!
In My Life 2.9 MB One day the Beatles will be successful. No really.
Keep Your Hands To Yourself 3.8 MB A park pick-me-up
Long Train Running 5.5 MB Old Spaghetti Western licks tied to classic rock!
Memphis Tennessee 2.6 MB Early rock rules!
Set You Free 6.5 MB An original. What the heck. Never hurts to throw one in.
Sleepwalk 2.4 MB Feelin' smooth and meeeelllllllloooooow!
Flip Flop Fly 5.3 MB Old blues
All For You 3.7 MB A song by Sister Hazel
Brown Eyed Girl 4.0 MB Fun sing-along stuff
A little silliness 1.6 MB Can't be serious all the time. Or ever.
Stir It Up 4.5 MB Argh! Breakin' in the voices on this one. Anyone in tune? No really... is anyone in tune?
Stray_Cat_Strut 5.9 MB Slinky!
When Will I Be Loved 2.0 MB Simple harmonies... but they're fun!
Wonderful Tonight 3.9 MB When the lights go down.

Be advised:
These files are quite large and can take a while to download. I advise saving them rather than simply opening them. Browsers usually give you a choice of saving or opening the file once you click on the link. However, if you are having difficulty, click on the link with the right mouse button and do a save link as and give it a file name.