Piano Button Schedule: 2002
Our schedule is a bit nebulous, but on the whole we have a jam every Saturday afteroon with occasional exceptions. We go as often as we can but not so often so that we get sick of it. Our first jam in 2001 will be in late April or early May depending on the weather and the schedules of the main participants. In the intervening time we will likely be playing in the occasional pub or at the home of one or more of the musicians. Feel free to contact any of us (see the email section) and find out how you can be a part of it. Be sure to check out the schedule pages to see where we've been and where we're going!

If you're really board, check out some the schedules and results of some prior years' efforts: 2000 and 2001

Date Note
2002-09-30 Our jam season was shorter than ever this year... life gets in the way sometimes. Here and there we may have a smaller indoor jam in NYC over the fall and winter months so send an email if you are interested in joining us. Otherwise, we'll be back in the park here and there next year... 2003.
2002-07-20 Kickin' Jam!!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by... it was a great jam! Stunning weather, lots of passers-by, and no lack of music. Mike & Lydia, Jason Shand, Jim Mackiewicz, Henry and Kathy, myself (Allan), Bill and Joan, Vinod, and many others made it down. I'll have pictures posted shortly. Jim and I stayed until midnight and managed to have people sitting, listening, and applauding right until the very last song. New York City Kicks Ass! Thanks everyone!
2002-07-06 An a great sunny day, we pulled together a jam on the spur of the moment and went out and enjoyed ourselves. Henry, Jim, Allan, Pete Kathy, Beth, and a few others made it out. If the stars align, we might have yet one more jam this month!
2002-06-08 Had a last minute jam today. It was sunny when we started, but ultimately it got quite chilly. So rather than the old six hour marathons, we played for about three hours and then went for some hot food. Still, it was fun if brief. Musically it was just Jim and Allan, but a number of people sat around and enjoyed the music.
2002-06-02 Went wanderin' in the park and tested out mjy new travel guitar with an amp and some people on the hill.
2002-05-11 Allan is in Chicago this weekend. Again... anyone can post it to host it!
2002-05-04 To paraphrase John & Yoko, why don't we do it in the park? Well, Henry & pete did a 1st time duet in Karl Schurtz Park. A beautiful sunny day. Plenty of girl watching, but alas no bikinis on the grass. Too cold or too loud? Who knows"
2002-04-27 April 27, 2002- Henry & Kathy's apt- 8PM- Nice time was had by all. Big Al was given a proper send off by the core group of Jason, Pete, Jim , Henry, & Kathy. We were joined by new listeners Bob & Ria (who later remarked favorably on the talents of the group). You can judge for yourself as Henry has much of this jam on tape. Call 212 828 7593 for a copy.. Happy trails Allan. We'll miss you & try to carry on in your spirit til you return
2002-04-20 Saturday, April 20th, 2002. Well... we got rained out. But Jim and I made the guitars bow to our demands for several hours. See you all next week!
2002-03-24 Double Whammy! Our first full salmon jam of the year and the day after Allan's birthday all at the same time! Actually, Jim and Allan and Kirstie all had birthdays near this jam. It was all good. Music, cake, and wine... what more do you want?