Piano Button Schedule: 2003
In the past we played every 2nd Saturday afternoon. Due to constant work-related travel and persistent throat problems on the part of Allan, the jams are now down to special occasions.
We will likely have a handful of jams in 2003... but they will be last minute in nature. So... shoot an email to Allan (in the email area) if you are interested in knowing when we will next meet. Our range of possible play dates starts in May and extends through September.
We may even play a pub or two in the process.
If you're really board, check out some the schedules and results of some prior years' efforts: 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Date Note
2003-11-22 Waiting for confirmation from a couple of key people, but it's likely I'll have a PizzaJam at my new place on Saturday November 22nd. As with all of our weekend jams, this one will launch at roughly 3:00 pm if all goes as planned.
2003-07-17 Businessmen's BBQ on Fire Island. This'll be the second year. A good time. Planning to haul my equipment out this year also...
2003-06-14 Perhaps... just perhaps there may be a short jam this day. Allan will be in the city... if throat, energy, and weather allow, there may be a little music in the park! The weather should be consistently warm at this point and this will be my first weekend fully "back" in Manhattan (new apartment near Times Square). So... stay tuned.