Piano Button Schedule: 2004
In the past we played every 2nd Saturday afternoon in Central Park. Constant travel, work demands, and some throat problems cut this down to very sporadic events over the last couple of years.

In 2004 we have no idea what will happen or when. Our normal jam area is roped off so the lawn can be re-seeded (a common event in Central Park). Equally, the jam organizer may be mostly in Austin for the summer.

But this much is certain... there will be a couple of park jams like times of old come hell or high water.

So... shoot an email to Allan (in the email area) if you are interested in knowing when we will next meet. Our range of possible play dates starts in May and extends through September.
We may even play a pub or two in the process.
If you're really board, check out some the schedules and results of some prior years' efforts: 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Date Note
2004-12-23 A little Xmas jam!

We had a couple of little jams in NYC, one by co-opting a karate studio and another at Jim and Camille's. Music... always a great way to bring the year to a close!
2004-05-15 Wow!

Allan's Exit Jam was a lot of fun. It was all a bit new considering we'd never used the Village Lantern before... but the space was nice for a lazy musical day. Jim M., Camille, Jim O., Octavio, Marty, Adam, Bill, Corinne, Henry, Eric, Ed, Ray, Spencer, Janice, and a few random people joined us. It was a great way to exit NYC and begin the trek to Austin.

Thanks for coming!

Just for reference, the location was in the basement of The Village Lantern on Bleeker St.. This is a cool little spot... much like a living room with a small stage in it. A couple of comfy chairs, a couch, regular tables and chairs, booths... it's got what you need.

The address is:
The Village Lantern
(Basement Area)
167 Bleeker St.
(Between Thompson & Sullivan)

2:00pm until 8:00pm

2004-05-15 While we're in the Park this week (May 8th), next week (May 15th) we'll be at The Village Lantern on Bleeker between Thompson & Sullivan. Hope to see you there!
2004-05-08 Well... thwarted by unhappy weather, Jim and I rerouted ourselves and converged on unsuspecting frozen pizza and amplifiers at my place.
2004-05-01 Well... given that rain threated the park experience, we ended up simply having a micro-jam at my place. Jim and I and several of our extra personalities played and practiced.
2004-04-24 Potential first park jam. If the weather allows, we'll be just north of our old location. Still over-looking the pond but on a little hill on the north west corner. We will be trying to be inconspicuous while we test out this year's tolerance on the part of park authorities. It varies from year to year.
2004-03-20 Birthday Bash! It was Jim's birthday and mine is on the 23rd... so we had a musical jam to celebrate. Eric Warren, Mike Butler, and a number of family and friends popped in. Killer night! Life is good!
2004-02-21 After a photo shoot for Allan's Apprentice application, an impromptu late night acoustic jam happened at Jim and Camille's. It's clearly jam-central during the winter months.
2004-02-14 An indoor jam at Jim and Camille's. Eric Warren, Mel and Millie, Bill and his girlfriend... good times and good tunes!
2004-02-07 Jim and I managed to get together to spruce up our "bar gig set". Then we went out to O'Flaherty's and played with George Stas. Breakin' in da fingers...