Piano Button Schedule: 2008
In the past we played every 2nd Saturday afternoon in Central Park. Constant travel, work demands, and some throat problems cut this down to very sporadic events over the last couple of years.

In 2008 we are just playing it by ear (the primary organizer now lives in Austin, TX). However, jams will be arranged in an ad-hoc manner as flights and time allow. This much is certain... there will be a couple of park jams like times of old come hell or high water.

Shoot an email to Allan (in the email area) if you are interested in knowing when we will next meet. Our range of possible play dates starts in May and extends through September. We may even play a pub or two in the process.

If you're really bored, check out some the schedules and results of some prior years' efforts. From 2005 until the present we've had only sporadic opportunities to play in NYC and even fewer to have them in Central Park... but we do manage occasionally. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Date Note
2008-06-28 Big-ass Park Jam! Saturday June 28, 2008

On what we hope will be a sunny Saturday, we'll have a traditional jam in the park!

Music, small amplifiers, lyrics, red wine, green grass, blue sky, people hangin' out, fireflies at night... it'll be great!

If there is any challenge with the weather then we'll have a plan B location lined up.

I hope we'll see you there!
2006-07-03 Played at the near-4th-of-July party for Colin McComb near the Catskills. All good fun despite the occasional bit of rain!
2006-05-28 An impromptu Sunday in the park... first in nearly a year. GREAT weather and better music!
2005-07-23 Jammin' in Central Park!!!

We played (as always) near the toy sailboat pond near 72nd & 5th. From 3:00pm until about 10pm we mixed and matched tunes with a number of people who showed up to sing and play along. Thanks to all who came... details and pictures to be posted soon!
2005-07-16 Havin' a jam at the Parrot Bay bar on the upper east side (93rd and 3rd). Later, headin' over to the home of the one of the jammers for late night, low-key harmonizin'. See you there!

Our sound mix at Parrot Bay was a bit off. However, we regrouped at Jim and Camille's pad and much great music happened. Corinne Gooden and Bill Trotter each joined us to add their musical talents to the mix.

Thanks to Patrick of Parrot Bay for letting us play. Parrot Bay is a warm and inviting Carribean style pub on the upper east side.

Parrot Bay Bar & Restaurant

2005-01-01 As of this writing, no jams are scheduled for 2005. However, as the weather gets warmer and travel schedules become clearer, you can bet there'll be some sunny Saturdays in Central Park and elsewhere in the NYC neighborhood.

There's a great likelihood that there'll be a major coming-together in late July that involves Central Park, a BBQ on Fire Island, and maybe margueritas on the Jersey Shore. Time will tell!